Manufactured Buildings
  • Along with new mobility, new building is getting some attention.
  • First, Broad Group's 10 storey high-rise assembled in a day. Then, Elon Musk's new $50,000 adobe (costs less than a Tesla car, tour).
  • These are manufactured buildings: built whole in a factory and shipped onsite for installation. In contrast with industrialsed building systems (IBS) where sections (eg a concrete wall or bathroom stall) are built offsite and assembled onsite.
  • Manufactured buildings can resemble car manufacturing in industrial efficiency, quality control and the use of new tech and materials. Versus the highly variable quality of traditional manual construction (uneven walls, off-plumb, ponding etc).
  • Manufactured buildings can be disassembled and recycled (if this is built into the design). Whereas traditional buildings need to be demolished and the debris sent to landfills (or fly-tipped).
  • They are also greener by using less or no sand (world is running out of sand) and CO2 spewing concrete.
  • A further advantage: If, say, there is an issue with the foundation, the units can be unstacked, the foundation remedied and the units restacked.

Modular Startups