Argentina Brasilia Inglaterra Italia

The Copa América and UEFA Euro football finals happen this Saturday and Sunday (10 & 11 June 2021), with Argentina meeting Brazil, and England squaring up with Italy. [The post title is made upof the Spanish names of the respective countries, save for Brasilia, which is Brazil's capital.] As a prelude, here is a selection of songs we associate with each country:
  • No Llores Por Mi Argentina - Argentinian version of Don't Cry for Me Argentina, performed by Elena Roger.
  • Bum Bum Tam Tam - Hit Brazilian rap by MC Fioti, with dancing from FitDance. The vocalisation of rhythm is reminiscent of Konnakul.
  • Greensleeves - Classic English folk song, updated to a modern beat and abridged by OffKeyArts.
  • Nella Fantasia - By renowned Italian composer, Ennio Morricone, performed by rocker-soprano Park Ki Young.