Tiger Shroff

Martial Arts Movies
  • The kungfu movie genre had in the past being lit by the likes of Jackie Chan (Opera), Jet Li (Wushu) and Donnie Yen (Wudang).
  • That HK-based era looks to be in abeyance. Instead, the mantle of eastern martial movies has been taken up elsewhere by Tony Jaa (TH, Muay Thai), Iko Uwais (ID, Silat), Vidyut Jammwal (IN, Kalari) and Tiger Shroff (IN, TKD).
  • In the clip above, Tiger Shroff and foil Shraddha Kapoor do up a light martial arts demo (the vid starts slow, watch till the end).

Martial Arts Training
  • The keys for a good old-school martial arts movie are the actor and the choreographer, both who should be well versed in pugilistic arts. These give the the movie that extra oomph. Other elements like the script, direction, photography and editing carry the rest.
  • Jackie Chan studied at the harshly disciplinary Peking Opera school, Jet Li went through a hothouse Wushu sports academy, and Donnie Yen was home schooled by his mom, a senior martial arts instructor.
  • Into theatre or acting and wish you could pick up some martial arts like the old-timers? Check out director and producer Khairul Kamsani's in-person martial arts workshops for thespians @ SG, Jun 5-26, 2021.