Olympics Onwards

Looks like the Tokyo Olympics is all set to go ahead in July 2021 (barring a last-minute, catastrophic deterioration in the pandemic situation). Notes:
  • It will be a badge of honour for Japan to deliver the games despite the difficulties caused by bugzilla. Ditto the OIC, athletes, officials and broadcasters.
  • The games could help the pandemic situation by encouraging viewers all over the world to stay home to catch the action.
  • There will be no on-site foreign spectators, maybe not even local ones, so broadcasters may need to make up for their absence by novel production: more close-ups, side stories etc.
  • Safety measures [1|2|3]: no quarantine, no compulsory vaccination (free jabs offered by Pfizer and Sinopharm), constant testing, contact tracing, masking, social distancing, no sight-seeing, leave once done, no arriving early for opening or staying back for closing.