Latin Themes

Further to our post on El Salvador, a showcase of two Latam songs: Lambada ('wave-like motion of a whip') by Eleonora Mustafovska and La Bamba ('the sway') by Beatrice Florea and Andrei Cerbu. The chorus of La Bamba:

Para bailar la Bamba (To dance the Bamba)
Para bailar la Bamba (To dance the Bamba)
Se necesita una poca de gracia (One needs a bit of grace)
Una poca de gracia para mí, para tí (A bit of grace for me, for you)
Ya arriba, ya arriba! (Come on, come on!)

Btw, as Euro 2021 is happening across Europe, Copa América 2021 is currently running in Brazil. The two continents will meet at the Olympics next month and at the Qatar World Cup in Nov, 2022.