Elon's Eatery

After dogecoin, looks like Elon Musk is going into F&B. Rather than rent out space to franchises like KFC and McD, Tesla might be setting up its own eateries at supercharger stations. Branded 'T',  here's our take on how the menu may look like:
  • Tomato bruschetta, shakshouka, soup.
  • Tofu burger with new UX: patty firmness calibrated to that of the bun, more creamy pie than dry sandwich or sloppy hotdog.
  • T-Bone steak that is laser-grilled rather than flame-grilled. More precise and less carcinogenic (the overly burnt parts).
  • Turkey: Since Elon is based in Texas now, Texas Fried Turkey (TFT). Coated with spices including turmeric and thyme, air-fried using solar energy fryer, and comes with tobasco sauce.
  • Trout: Pan-seared trout or tuna with tarragon.
  • Tea (including teachino and teapresso) and tequila.

Tesla could also make superstations a destination in themselves. By offering vehicle checks, tune-ups, repairs, sales of accessories and other products (eg solar batteries  and future Tesla consumer products), convenience store, Tesla vehicle ordering and deliveries.