SmartCity Startups

Sidewalk Labs
Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs (NYC) is an 'urban innovation' incubator. After calling off its Toronto Quayside smart suburb project in 2020, it is now in the midst of a number of new projects. Sample:
  • Delve - Explore and compare city block designs
  • PMX - Tall timber buildings
  • Coord - Transform curbs into flexible, bookable spaces
  • Replica - SimCity, but for real
  • Ori - Live large in a compact space

Greentown Labs
Greentown Labs was launched on Earth Day 2021 (a couple of weeks ago) with the aim to make Houston the energy transition capital of the world. Sample startups already working with the labs:
  • EnergyDome - Use CO2 to store electricity
  • OpenOcean - Drones to monitor the ocean (eg illegal fishing)
  • WaveSense - Ground penetrating radar for navigation
  • Adaviv - High resolution computer vision plant monitoring
  • TealBio - Reusable N95 respirator mask