Dogecoin is on a tear having risen 26,000%. Its cousin, Shiba, is up 6,600%.  Missing out on the action? Fret not, these are speculative instruments, for pros and people with spare change. Like at the casino, serious plays and big bets are for the professionals only. For ordinary folks, a bit of dabbling is fine but beware of it taking up too much attention (watching the ticker all day long) or getting hooked on highs and lows (as the ticker goes up and down). 

In more sober pursuits, UK is getting serious with Britcoin. The coin could be an edge for UK after leaving EU and perhaps draw on the Brit tradition of eccentric innovation. Remains to be seen what form the coin will take. Diem (Libra) is on the move too. It's moving its HQ from Switzerland to US to focus on USD as its paired currency. Former Libra boss, and ex-PayPal whiz, David Marcus, now heads F2 (Facebook Financial), FB's new Fintech venture.

[Not serious] How about a useful coin? A real currency, not a 'store of value' or a speculative vehicle. Let's name it PusseCoin after felines as not everyone loves Shiba Inus, cute as they might be. As Dogecoin is pronounced 'dosh coin', PusseCoin will be pronounced 'posh coin'. Characteristics:
  • Starts small at a small locale. If it works well, other locales will want it, no need to push it.
  • Anti-speculative. Value tied to natural inflationary or deflationary measures. An inflationary measure (the value of the coin rises over time) could be the number of green kilowatts generated globally. A deflationary measure (the value decreases over time) could be the total number of forest trees as counted by satellites. Deflationary because, what's the use of an asset getting bigger and bigger in paper value as the planet burns.
  • Run by somebody, like Linus Torvalds for Linux. To give it direction and impetus. Anything owned by everybody is owned by nobody. Anything owned by nobody risk being taken over by somebody (nefarious or not). Plus an elected senate as a progressive counter balance and as advisors.