Pandemic Pooch

Some random observations on bugzilla (from a lay person):

  • Vaccination works, see the new cases graphs of US, UK and FR.
  • Imagine the vaccine as a rescue boat, calmly get onboard ASAP.
  • Vaccination is a primary defence but shouldn't be the only defence.
  • Some countries may not get enough shots for a long time.
  • Or a new variant may emerge that side steps vaccine protection.

Sample Counter-Measures
  • Locales emerging from lockdowns risk going right back to sin bin without widespread and concrete counter-measures in place (including vaccination).
  • Vaccinate front liners first, including people in the food logistics and supply chain.
  • Allow companies to acquire vaccines to vaccinate their own staff.
  • Premises mandated to have flow-through ventilation.
  • Al-fresco eateries only: pavements, carparks offered as space.
  • Automated app alert on entering hotspots (this is a statistical counter against an invisible foe, it won't be precise but it could be one extra tool in the toolbox).

Pandemic Pooch
  • Another counter-measure is widespread testing eg at the entrance of buildings, offices, factories and malls.
  • Not practically feasible at the moment as the fastest tester that we have come across, BreFence, is still on trials (and will probably be very expensive). Results return within a minute.
  • The next fastest is ID NOW by Abbott with results in 5 minutes and Vivalytic by Bosch, 30 minutes.
  • There is a tester faster than BreFence and it is the pandemic pooch, it sniffs out bugzilla in under a second (availability of these pooches is likely very limited at the moment though)
  • Travellers to some countries may have come across sniffer beagles at customs. One walks through a corridor with fans on one side and a beagle or two behind a fence on the other.
  • For now, if bugzilla is still lurking around at your locale, stay home if you can and stay safe.