Mutant Bugzilla

Mutant Bugzilla
  • With some exceptions, in many countries, bugzilla is on the retreat.
  • Vigilance is still necessary as mutants are cropping up all over. In the 1918 pandemic, it was a mutant that wrecked havoc.
  • Many locales treat each wave optimistically as it is going to be the last when it might be useful to use the opportunity to practice and prepare for a super mutant, or simply for the next wave.
  • May require big societal changes: eg. switch from recirculating aircon to quick-refresh, natural ventilation, al-fresco instead of indoor dining, etailing instead of bazaars and markets.

Food Delivery
  • Food delivery is still mainly for the middle-class and above.
  • A dish which normally costs 7 bucks, will have 5 bucks added as markup and another 5 bucks for delivery. A 7 bucks meal gets 10 bucks added on.
  • Fundamentally, delivering single meals is sub-optimal both in terms of economics and ecology.
  • Other areas which need revamp: curation (meh top listers), variety (same old top listers each time the app is opened) and nutrition (mostly salt-laden, meat-heavy food).

Meal Subscription
  • We have previously posted about a food outlet which, in the first lockdown, the owner delivered meals himself in his lux ride.
  • In the second lockdown, the outlet switched to offering food subs.
  • In this present third lockdown, we decided to try out a subscription. It turns out the outlet has gone green - customers must provide tiffin carriers - no plastic, no cardboard.