Double Masking

  • Health authorities have recommended double masking at high risk locales. You can try double masking to be doubly safe eg while at hotspots. [This post is not health or technical advice.]
  • Double masking is the wearing of a face cover over the standard disposable mask. It serves as an additional filter and to seal the gaps of a disposable mask, particularly at the top edge (the nose) and sides (the cheeks).
  • You can easily detect these gaps in others (but not yourself ) by close observation. Not infrequently you will notice them at the cheeks and near the bridge of the nose.
  • Some locales may notice bugzilla, once a distant rumble of battle, is now closer to home. Easy to underestimate because it is invisible, bugzilla must be seriously reckoned with due to the activation of its new crack assault unit, the B1617.
  • But isn't bugzilla being taken seriously enough? Perhaps more can be done! Eg, one of simplest and best DIY (vs regulated) counter measure is better ventilation (exhaust fans etc).
  • It will be a long, hard battle. Success will favour the focused, organised, systematic, diligent and disciplined.