Trains vs Planes

Trains vs Planes
  • France is to ban flights which can be replaced with a train ride of less than 3 hours.
  • This is because planes are 77 times more polluting than trains.
  • Countries trading with EU and US may need to keep an eye on these developments as it is possible trade could be linked to equivalent green standards in the future.

Rapid Transit System
  • The JB-SG crossing is one of the world's busiest mobility corridor. Currently it is CO2 sub-optimal due to vehicles being often caught in border crossing congestion.
  • Thus, the JB-SG Rapid Transit System (RTS) is a timely development to transit to electric and shared mobility.
  • The sweeping weave design of the JB station was in the news. SG has also done up its station design which features a functional theme as is common with its train stations.
  • The RTS is scheduled to be begin operations late 2026, On the JB side it will be linked to the intercity ETS service to KL, Penang and beyond. On the SG side, it will be connected to the Thomson East Coast MRT which will have stations at downtown Orchard Road and Marina Bay, and with plans to go all the way to Changi Airport.

Bukit Chagar Station
  • The two countries will have co-located immigration and customs facilities at the RTS ingress. Thus, if a passenger has passport or visa issues, they don't get on the train.
  • Not much further details are available on the Bukit Chagar (JB) station design except it might have duty free shops. An integrated bus, taxi, ride hailing and parking hub might be included as well.
  • The present ETS terminus is about 350 metres away from the new station, so a mobility link might also be in the works. Ditto provision for integration with possible future BRT and HSR services.