Pedal Power

In Europe, the good ole' bicycle is an essential component of new mobility. It's kinder to the earth (a typical city bike weights 10kg vs 2000kg for an SUV, a 1:200 ratio), greener and healthier (turns fat into sweat and a bit of CO2).
Bikes need infra to separate them from pedestrians and bigger vehicles. The building or provision of this infra, the innovation and supply of bikes and the promotion of biking is part of an envisaged green recovery [pdf].
The idea is to not just give away aid but to focus stimuli to power a green economy. To further this initiative, the bike industry and policy makers are meeting at the Cycling Industries Europe Summit 2021 this Thu (Apr 22, 2021).
Post photos: Dutch PM Mark Rutte and UK PM Boris Johnson on their bikes. Bonus vid: French prez Emmanuel Macron and then Danish PM Lars L√łkke Rasmussen touring Copenhagen on bikes.