Mobility Musings

Mobility Possibilities
New mobility is generally associated with electric propulsion. However, far-sighted startups and carmakers have set their sights on much more than just that. On a macro-level, they are looking to push the envelope on:
  • Energy: Particularly promoted by Tesla, the idea is to decentralise power generation to make the supply of power more resilient. This approach is worth looking into as an all-electric society is vulnerable to grid interruptions.
  • Sensing: Use of cameras (plus radar, lidar, ultrasonic, mics) to sense the environment. Future applications could include vehicle as 'community' rather than as just a highly personal machine.
  • AI: Data collected by sensing can be used for nouveau robotic applications - vehicles are 'out there', rather than have them only potter around, perhaps they can be made to do more.

  • In other mobility news, Toyota is proposing to stick with internal combustion engines - raspy exhaust notes and all - by burning hydrogen instead of fossil fuel.
  • Quite the retrogressive step as it perpetuates Saturday night ruckuses and unsafe driving. ICEs spew magnetite (Alzheimer's) and nitrogen dioxide (asthma) and hard driving piles on micro-plastics. The hydrogen energy chain is also much less efficient than the grid.
  • Hopefully, Toyota, with its pioneering work on the Prius, can take up a 'back to nature' zen approach in its future designs - the world needs it.