Metaverse: The New Internet

  • Old philosophies and modern physics postulate the existence of multiple universes. Sounds esoteric but multi-universes are already here. We have the real world (people, places, activities etc) and we have the online world (profiles, portals, e-transactions etc).
  • The internet is getting a bit ragged: appification and walled gardens leading to the fragmentation of info (ie unsearchable), web pages that are only 25% content (the rest are ads, auto-playing vids and giant drop down menus) and the usual data slurping (install a simple app and it wants to slurp up all your contacts).
  • Under the circumstances, tech and geeks are building a metaverse (to escape or expand to) which includes virtual worlds + AR/VR + internet + possible future verses like for mobility (connected, human scale, efficient, organic vs miles of bland, hard tarmac).
  • Among the early denizens of the metaverse are Sansar (events), Core (games), SecondLife (games), HiFi (audio) and Horizon (social).
  • Catch up on the latest on the metaverse at Real Time Conference (RTC2021) happening Apr 26-28, 2021 online.

RTC Sample Topics
  • Building the Metaverse One Standard at a Time - Nvidia
  • From Virtual Motor Show to Virtual Sales Platform - Endava
  • Standardizing 3D Commerce Asset Creation - Darmstadt
  • Previsualizing the Future with Magic - MagicLab
  • Real-time Live Demo of MetaHuman Creator - Epic
  • How Real-Time is Transforming Animation - Cinesite