Foodie: MY vs SG

Comparison Context
  • Street food costing below 10 (local) bucks
  • Excludes restaurants and mall food courts
  • Actual comparison (despite the post title): KL vs SG
  • Anecdotal, not expert opinion
  • Verdict: Cake goes to SG

  • In SG, street food vending (usually running a stall at a government operated hawker centre and less so as a stall holder in a private eatery) is vocational, artisanal and aspirational. Competition for stalls and customers are stiff and the lease and expenses are not trivial but once a operator gets a stall, he or she gets a venue to build a clientele, brand and business. Consequently, stall holders take the business seriously and offer the best food they can.
  • In MY, most hawker stalls are located at and rented out by private eateries. These eateries come and go, and provide low barriers to entry for anyone willing to pay the daily rental. This attracts less serious vendors who mainly sell using standard formulas and mass produced ingredients, making offerings somewhat uniform and undistinguished. There are old-timers who sell top notch food but these are relatively rare. Skilled vendors with capital usually try to open their own outlet and not operate from a hawker stall.

WeFood Future
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