Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service
Europe is looking to develop Mobility as a Service (MaaS):
  • Seamless: Single sign-on, booking, ticketing for all mobility modes
  • Borderless: Travel out-of -town, interstate, cross-border seamlessly
  • Infrastructure: Framework, platform, policy to enable the above

Future Mobility Conference
SmartMaaS will be holding a 3 day mobility conference starting tomorrow (23-25 Mar 2021). The first day is a closed event, the second day covers Future Mobility, the third day, the open source smart city platform FiWare. Sample topics:

Community Mobility
  • Contemporary vehicles, including EVs, focus on cocooning the driver in ever larger vehicles and metrics like top speed, horsepower, acceleration, gadgetry etc.
  • MaaS could be a community orientated alternative, with a metric like how many pleasant encounters (people, coffee etc) one had on one's journey.