Bugzilla Roulette

  • At some locales, lockdowns are being eased.
  • However, people might be getting the signalling wrong. They think it is an 'all clear' when what the authorities mean is 'go save the economy'.
  • One can already see crowds at eateries chatting away animatedly and lingering at tables, just like the pre-bugzilla days.
  • When they should be taking extra precautions because bugzilla is still lurking around looking for easy marks.
  • Think of it like a village where, because of a severe blizzard, the elders had forbidden folks from venturing out. But as food stocks run low, permission is granted to go gather food and firewood.
  • The signal is not the blizzard is over but to wear extra clothing and to take extra precautions.
  • To keep bugzilla at bay, relaxation of lockdowns is best balanced with increased circumspection and vigilance.

Case Study
  • Abundance 360 2021 was a tech event that ran from Jan 24-26 at Culver City, CA, USA.
  • The event was intended to be virtual but, due to demand, it allowed some audience to attend live.
  • Audience and staff, which totalled 80, were multi-tested before and during the event and were found negative.
  • The organisers did not mandate mask wearing during sessions, only between sessions.
  • Post event, 24 audience members and staff came down with the virus. 
  • The 35 member AV crew who did wear masks throughout was unaffected.