UMDT HS2 YC Demo Days

UMDT is the spin-off unit of UMCIC, the commercialisation arm of UM. UMCIC encompasses the spin-off venture, an accelerator and incubator, space and equipment pods and commercialisation training. It will be holding its demo day for its inaugural cohort this Sat, Feb 27th, 2021 (regn). Sample startups:
  • SB^3 - Low carbon & cost bricks, compatible with existing manufg
  • Nanogard - Nano glass coating for cleaner office and vehicle glass
  • Feed2Fish - Use palm oil effluent to produce fish feed
  • EssentiNutrien - Asthma relieving mushrooms
  • AeGIS - Distributed acoustic sensing using optic fibre cables
  • eProfiler - Accurate drug dosage using portable pathogen tester

HS2 is UK's planned second high speed rail to connect Leeds-Manchester-Birmingham-London (target 2035) after the London-Ashford-Chunnel HS1 (started 2003). HS2 together with connectivity accelerator Catapult and tech campus Innovation Birmingham will be holding a demo day of its second cohort on Mar 25, 2021 (regn). Startups from the first cohort:
  • BuildDots - Site tracking using hardhat camera + computer vision
  • Sensat - Site tracking using drone mapping, 400x faster
  • CloudCycle - Digital concrete (precise concrete mixing & delivery)
  • Dendra - Use drone surveys to rehabilitate land
  • NatureMetrics - Biodiversity surveys using eDNA & metabarcoding

Y Combinator
Y Combinator's Winter 2021 (YC W21) batch is set to demo Mar 23, 2021 (regn) 'Winter' because in the North the start of the year occurs in winter while the summer batch happens mid-year (apply here). A sample of YC W21 startups:
  • H3X - Ultra-high power density motor for electric aircraft
  • Corrily - Use Bayesian stats to individually price subs by country
  • Noya - Sell carbon credits by capturing CO2
  • Oxio - ISP that has no promotions, only transparent pricing
  • Unfurl - Virtual food hall