Transatlantic Battle

GM's Salvo
Norway is the world's leading EV adopter with EVs commanding a 80% market share. GM uses this to come up with a hilarious Super Bowl ad that has comedian Will Ferrell riled up that Norway is ahead of US. He summons some friends together to 'invade' Norway but ends up in Sweden instead while his friends land in Finland. [Getting the Nordic countries mixed up is not uncommon, here's a refresher map.]

Adger's Counter
Three days after GM's ad, Norway's University of Agder came back with a witty rejoinder starring no less than its own president. In it, Norway tries to hide areas where it sees as being ahead so as not to trigger the US further. For instance, mention was made of 'battery recycling', likely referring to Hydrovolt. Battery recycling is a nascent field that is set to take off once the first gen of EVs (Prius, Leaf etc) retire, along with possible incoming circular economy regulations.