Notes: Electric Mobility

Some additional notes to our previous post Electric Economy:
  • By our observations, autonomous driving can make the big jump in conjunction with smart roads, tandem regulations, at welcoming locations, and in jurisdictions that will set the standards for the rest of the world. And, EVs still use lots of grease and lubes.
  • Lofty Apple getting into greasy business? Autonomous driving by 2024?. Doesn't sound likely at first blush. If Apple is to go into mobility, it might be an Apple branded vehicle with co-branded partners doing the nuts and bolts, and, given Apple's tight control of UIUX, only at Apple certified settings. [update]
  • The Citroen Ami is symmetrical front and back, left and right. Body panels need only to be made for two sides versus four sides for normal cars. Instead of a centre display, it uses the driver's phone as the display unit. Examples of innovative cost saving measures.
  • Sales of bikes, both pedalled and motorized, are trending up. This could be an impetus for Ola to enter e-scooter manufacturing, with input from Etergo. Top annual motorbike unit sales: IN (21m), CN (17m), ASEAN (15m).
  • We've added 5 startups to our previous post: Eli Zero (Neighourhood Electric Vehicle, NEV), RadPower (best cargo bike 2021), Silence (light electric for delivery and patrol officers), BKM (articulated electric trolley bus), E-Clearing (European borderless charging network).