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Mobility Snippets
  • Link Only 1% of EV owners miss their old ICE cars
  • Link Lyft brings back humans: call to book a ride
  • Link Biggest US electric school bus order goes to eBaaS firm
  • Link DE to require all petrol stations to provide charging
  • Link McD entices diners with EV charging facilities

  • USPS has picked defence contractor Oshkosh to supply its new generation postal delivery vehicle (NGDV, $ 6 billion, up to 160K vehicles). The contract is a mix of ICE and EV, the proportion is unspecified [ update1 | update2 ].
  • The current USPS fleet, supplied by Grumman, is some 30 years old.
  • The new gen vehicle is expected to be highly upgradable as tech transitions from ICE to EV, and to accommodate rapidly changing electric technology.
  • This suggests a modular architecture and could be a reason why early favourite Lordstown didn't make the cut. Consumer brands tend to be associated with closed architecture, expensive repairs and planned obsolescence.
  • Modular like in armoured vehicles which, if damaged, need to be readily patched and sent back to battle.
  • Or like a DIY PC (vs sealed appliances like the iPhone). Swap the CPU, disk, RAM, motherboard, cards, fans, enclosure, display, input devices, speakers, mic and even the OS (Linux, Windows, ChromeOS).

Move EV
Move EV brings together SEA’s electric vehicle, charging infra and public policy officials to discuss upcoming projects happening in the region. Mar 10th, 2021 @ online. Sample toipics: