Food Startups

Nanka offers two types of burger patties: (100% veggie) and (70% veggie, 30% meat). Different from Impossible and Beyond which are faithfully 100% veg. Possibly, Nanka is targeting meat eaters rather than veggie connoisseurs. Is 70% veggie, 30% meat palatable? Reports have it a sandwich chain's tuna has 'no tuna' [1] and its chicken is 'only 50% chicken' [2]. We chow down these sandwiches occasionally and find them entirely palatable.

While Impossible and Beyond have been focusing on bovine subs, OmniPork jumped into the porcine niche and has been advertising heavily at FB for its veggie pork. Is veggie pork halal? Likely not because of its connotation (though the manufacturer claims halal certification). Will veggie pork take off? Spam and sausages are a start, better to have wholesome veggies in them than odd ingredients like gristle.

Fido & Tinkerbell
We don't cover cultured meats (meat made in the lab from animal cells) because, by our reckoning, veggie eaters won't eat them and meat eaters might find them too edgy. But Fido and Tinkerbell might woof them down happily in the huge pet food market. Plus the industrial market eg gelatin. Players in the cultured space: BecauseAnimals, EatJust, FutureMeat etc.