Festive Dialects

A language or dialect is like a password, a password to culture (idioms, proverbs, poems, stories etc). Without culture, language is adrift. Without language, culture is veiled. In this festive supplement, we explore three diaspora dialects with webcam style covers.

First is Fujian (Hokkien/Minan) fave Going Home, by Rima Zeidan, which is notable for its rhythmic syllables. The rhythmic syllables can be translated figuratively into English, a gist of the song:

    Day by day, time passes
    Drop by drop, sweat perspires
    Time to grow-up and make good
    So that I can go home to meet my parents.

The second song (link) is a tearjerker in Hakka, Love Mom by Susie Onong in a duet with a friend over Smule. The third (link) has Chen Aoping performing a short, cheery Cantonese chorus Keep Smiling.