Electric Economy

A selection of new players in the electric economy:

Electric Vehicles
EVs that are similar to legacy vehicles but with electric propulsion.
  • Lightyear - Solar augmented EV (1 hour of sun = 12 km)
  • Triton - Takes the next logical SUV step: an electric semi-tank
  • Swiss - After US gov's recent pivot to EV, Switzerland is next
  • Apple - Forthcoming autonomous car will be for businesses only

EVs that aim to be environmentally friendly to make and operate.
  • Ami - Microcar of the Year 2021
  • Eli Zero - Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)
  • Changli - Lowest priced electric car: $1200
  • AGY2 - Electric dune buggy: $2800

Ultralights can be 2, 3, 4 wheelers.
  • Ösa+ - Multiple design award winning electric motorbike
  • Ola - India's Uber goes big into e-scooters manufacturing
  • Bio-Hybrid - Electrically assisted, 4-wheel 2-seater 'bicycle'
  • RadPower - Best Electric Cargo Bike of 2021: $1700

Commercial vehicles where lower running costs are essential.

Buses can be highly customised and linked to larger metro or municipal systems, ideal for custom builders and system integrators.
  • Novabus - Long range electric bus (CA)
  • Karsan - Autonomous electric bus (TR)
  • BKM - Articulated electric trolley bus (BY)
  • Irizar - Ecological Industrial Vehicle of the Year 2021 (ES)

The infrastructure to support and complement electric mobility: charging, the grid, repairs, recycling, smart roads, cycling lanes, pedestrianised boulevards, car-light or car-free spaces, open architecture, autonomous driving, urban air mobility, vehicle operating systems, connected car systems etc.
  • Shell - Pivots to electric charging
  • Otonomo - Vehicle data warehouse
  • E-Clearing - European borderless charging network
  • UCI - Carless drivers are better than driverless cars!