YC Jumpstart

Top YC Alumni
YC recently posted about its top alumni (valued at $150M and above). The top 3 are DoorDash, Dropbox and Airbnb. Most are aged 5 years+. Here's a pick of freshies from recent years (2017-2020) that made it to the list:
  • Deel - Global payroll system
  • Momentus - Delivery service to space
  • Substack - Indie news publishing
  • Brex - A business bank that is not a bank
  • ZeroDown - Zero down payment for home buying
  • May - Pandemic mobility (partition, UV sanitiser etc)
  • Volansi - Drone with vertical and horizontal propellers

Jumpstarter Top 20 finalists pitch is happening Mon (18 Jan 2020). Sample:
  • Artivive - Art augmented by AR (eg make Mona Lisa wink)
  • Rice - Indoor robot (courier, porter, butler, security etc)
  • IPification - Instant mobile authenticator (no need password, 2FA)
  • Exabyte - Materials modelling (cut 10 years work to 2 days)
  • ZwzTech - Unmanned cash register that uses RFID tags