The Next HQ

CES 2021 is happening online January 11-14. Consisting of a conference, partner programs and an exhibition, tickets are priced at $149 till Sunday. Sample content:

  • Home as The Next Headquarters - Deloitte
  • Getting Back Together Safely - Clear
  • Content for a Kinder Consumer - Vice
  • Vehicle Tech Consumers Want - CAR
  • An All Electric Future - GM
  • The Great Unbundling of Video - PlutoTV
  • CataTech: Catastrophe Technology - DHS S&T
  • An Esports League from Ground Up - Riot Games

Partner Programs

  • Adasky - Thermal: seeing what eyes and other sensors cannot
  • Lux Lab - Turn clear glass (eg a window) into a screen
  • SimpleHuman - The Apple + Dyson of home ware
  • EnergySquare - Office wireless charging
  • Zmirror - Mirror + Alexa [mirror, mirror on the wall?]
  • Cartesiam - IoT: Intelligence of Things
  • Celeno - 6th generation Wi-Fi
  • Millo - Wireless blender vid

New mobility, a highlight of recent editions, won't be out in full force. Ditto experiential products like delicious veggie burgers. Exhibitor count is around 2,000 about half of the pre-bugzilla 2019 show. Still, a good effort by CES not to be laid low by the bug, and bonus marks for a revamped, simplified event site.