GovTech Hackathon

MYHackathon is grassroots online GovTech hackathon organised by MOSTI. Running for the past 3 months, the hackathon culminates in a finale and showcase next Tue, Jan 26th, 2021. Sample winners (kudos for the fast-paced vids and succinct pitches):
  • BukuPINK - Digital immunisation and vaccination card
  • Anak2u - Adapt online edu to rural students (no device, bandwidth)
  • Pandai - Continuous edu via short courses (vs big conferences)
  • Avicenna - Digital disability card issued fast (vs months)
  • Vircle - Digital aid that uses the national ID card (eg for groceries)
  • eLancar - Move HRDF model from agency to marketplace
  • BossBoleh - Cloud-based company secretary and incorporation