Foodie Concepts

Back to lockdowns and home cooked, delivered or take-out food? Here are some culinary concepts to explore while under lockdown, or if starting a food kiosk, or to do some R&D to prepare for a new start after the lockdown ends.

Lemon Lime Fizzy
Among MY's top 10 YTers, at least 3 (Bella Khann, Che Nom, Sugu Pavithra) offer foodie vids. Here's Bella's recipe (narrated in MY and EN) for a fruity fizzy.

Italian Sandwich
NYC delicatessen Casa Della Mozzarella makes mozzarella cheese in-house and applies them to sumptuous Italian Sandwiches.

Garlic Egg Toast
KR's street food vendors have moved on from a gritty vibe to being techie-like and decidedly delicious looking. As in garlic egg toasts at the Olleh Market in Jeju.