Fintech Founders' Fave Fintechs

Sifted asked top fintech founders from Checkut, N26, Fintonic, Lunar, Penta, Bux, Bnext and Plaid what promising fintech startups to watch out for. The founders picked 21 startups, a sample:
  • Bunq - Ewallet with the works (applepay, googlepay, subaccounts...)
  • ParentPay - Ewallet for kids, parents and schools (UK market leader)
  • Luko - Home insurance with certified repairman and artisan panel
  • Flux - Give customers digital receipts (and discounts, rewards)
  • Marshmallow - App-based, accessible car insurance
  • Dymne - Cost savings app (getting the best telco plan?)
  • Public - Fractional shares in stocks (eg green, alt-meat, self-driving)