Spring Festival

Whether locked down or exercising an abundance of caution, big reunion dinners should best be scaled down this year. To keep with the occasion, perhaps eateries could accept delivery orders for the big dinner, to be delivered to homes and to gramps back at the hometown. Ditto gift baskets.

E-Red Packets
CN has had this for a few years now. send a red packet to a messaging contact. More possibilities: red packets for kids (eg young relatives), staff and other parties (eg charities), who are not in one's contact list or platform. How would you design an inclusive, easy-to-use red packet system that is more fun than a straight P2P payment?

Thaipusam, a major Tamil festival, is on Thu, Jan 28th. With lockdowns likely still in place, what will become of chariot processions & temple pilgrimages? Might the 272 steps stair climb be substituted with home based 272 squats? No electronics needed.

CNY Video
Our video pick for this year goes to RHB Bank. Happy Spring Festival and a safe and prosperous New Year!