Chatbot | Science | Fintech

Smart Chatbot
Giant companies, big tech in particular, are frequently cited as providing insufficient post-sales support. This could be because support can be very labour intensive and gritty, and goes against the 'scalable' nature of some business models. There is where smart chatbots could come in useful. On the minus side, chatbots could also be trained to fob off customers without stonewalling them. Check out the latest in conversational AI and chatbots in the The European Chatbot Summit happening 4-6 Feb 2021.

Open Science
During lockdowns, students can't go to libraries to consult books, so they have to rely on ebooks. It seems publishers are taking the opportunity to raise prices of ebooks by as much as 500%, and each book digitally restricted to be read by only one person at a time. Unreasonably pricey journals and textbooks have always been a bane, and is one of the issues addressed by Open Science. For more, check out the Netherlands Open Science Festival happening Feb 11th, 2021.

Digital Finance
Fintech has been receiving brickbats recently. After Wirecard, it seems Robinhood is actually the Sheriff of Nottingham in disguise. But these are just newcomers. Check out what bankers have in store for fintech at Frankfurt Digital Finance happening Feb 3rd, 2021. Also, learn more about green bonds (bonds to finance green projects, lots of potential because of the urgent green imperative, and risks because regulatory and tech directions are not clear yet) at Digitizing Green Bonds happening Feb 4th, 2021.