SmartCity Startups

A selection of SmartCity startups:

Circuit Ride Hailing vid info pdf
  • Fresh take on app-based ride hailing
  • Vision: affordable, clean air, green mobility, jobs
  • Fully electric shuttle (3 rows of seats, 5 passengers)
  • For trips that are within 2 miles (3.2km) - which are 35% of all trips
  • Free or low cost, sponsored by cities, developers and/or advertisers
  • Expands organically by being invited into cities

Other Startups
  • WooDoo - Wood imbued with polymer that is as strong as steel
  • Aqua Robur - Water pipe IoT monitor that is powered by water vid
  • Eva - Drone airport/refueling station the size of a half container
  • ClearRoad - Zero infra road pricing: just requires photo of odometer
  • Plenty - 2-acre vertical farm out-produces 720-acre flat farm info
  • TransferCo - Co-work at a food market tour
  • Greenworks - AgTech Lab + VertFarm + Commercial Kitchen + CoWork