Shopify Bank

Shopify Bank
  • It was inevitable: a new digital bank that is closer to the action.
  • Usually an online sale will course through the ecommerce site, payment processor, payment network (Visa etc) then the bank.
  • Sales is seen in a merchant's account only after days or weeks.
  • What if the ecommerce site is the bank? Enter Shopify Balance.
  • A bank for merchants: instant deposits, consumer finance, trade finance. integrated business accounting and more.
  • Powered by Stripe Treasury, Stripe's banking-as-a-service.

YouTube Premium
  • YouTube viewers may have noticed a marked increased in ads. Possibly to corral viewers to sign up for YouTube Premium.
  • YouTube only accepts debit and credit cards as payment.
  • Viewers without one of these may have to put up with the ads.
  • It could be revenue positive and more user friendly if a universal payment service is offered by Google or a third party.
  • One which a viewer could pay using cards, bank transfer, cash deposit via an ATM, ewallet, or even Pay|Pal (and its crypto facility).

Crypto Tax
  • It's end of the calendar year and end of the tax year for some.
  • Made some money from the recent crypto rally? The taxman may be interested in their cut.
  • Possible treatments of (realised) gains: as a capital gain (crypto as an asset), as a trading profit (crypto as a commodity), as a windfall (crypto as gambling), or as a bracket of its own.
  • Check with local tax authorities as to which treatment is applicable.