Online Courses

Highest Completion
BI asked Coursera which of its courses have the highest completion rates (a high completion rate indicates students find the course relevant, useful and/or compelling and hence did not drop out). Here is a sample of 5 of them. Courses are self-paced and fees are around $49 per month, with an audit option (attend class free without instructor access, credits or certification):
  • Stanford - Machine Learning
  • DeepLearning - Neural Networks & Deep Learning
  • IBM - What is Data Science? 
  • Umich - Getting Started with Python
  • Umich - Negotiation Strategies and Skills

Other Courses
Coursera also offers some courses on a gratis basis, including:
  • Yale - Financial Markets
  • Bocconi - Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Toronto - Learn to Program: The Fundamentals
  • Edinburgh - Introduction to Philosophy 
  • GeorgiaTech - Small Talk & Conversation

A selection of other complimentary online courses:
  • Leeds - Transport Systems: Future Innovation
  • MIT - Analytics: eHarmony, Twitter, Watson, Netflix
  • HKUST - The Science of Gastronomy
  • Y Combinator - Startup School open intake
  • HKUST - Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio

A sample of free Udemy courses (usually indie instructors):
  • Link Git & GitHub Crash Course
  • Link AWS: Zero to Hero
  • Link The Art of Baking
  • Link Build a Wordpress Website from Scratch
  • Link GIMP (Photoshop alternative) for Beginners