Break Dancing

Break Dancing
Break dancing is set to be included as a full event in the 2024 Paris Olympics. This will possibly be the first non-sport art to be included as such (other artistic events like gymnastics, diving, dressage and katas are rooted in sports). Factors favouring the inclusion include being hugely popular at the 2018 Youth Olympics, being youth-orientated, a world-wide following, and being accessible (one doesn't need special venues or equipment to roll).

Art Olympics
Olympics hasn't always been about sports only. Till 1948, architecture, literature, music, painting and sculpture were part of the games. These were dropped because the artists were eventually considered professionals when Olympics then were for amateurs only.

The top video is a break dancing sample. The second video is an old school Russian dance battle (between two groups of dancers) with early elements of break dancing, without the ground spins.