Boutique Events

Boutique Events
A sample of boutique events happening this week:
  • Thinking of taking a queen's gambit to re-socialise and reconnect? Meet up for board games this Friday.
  • Usage of Wordpress is growing by 2.5% per year, and is expected to power 50% of sites in 2025. Meet fellow wordies this Sat online.
  • Women in AI: Robotics panel this Thursday. Data Science summit this weekend.
  • For tropical countries, solar power is a promising source for green energy. Onine talk this Friday. [Aside: beside rooftops, the vast expenses over roads and highways could be spare space too.]

Major Events
Some prominent 2021 events:
  • Jan CES 2021 (Digital)
  • Mar SXSW 2021 (Digital)
  • Apr Hannover Messe (Hannover)
  • Jun Euro 2020 (Europe)
  • Jul Olympics 2020 (Tokyo)
  • Oct Expo 2020 (Dubai)