Autonomous Junction

Formula Racing
  • Formula 1 (F1) 2020's season ends this weekend, season 2021 will commence in March. With the transit towards new mobility, what will become of F1? Will it be superseded by Formula E?
  • Formula E 2021's season starts bright and early in January. The electric powertrains will be coming from Audi E-tron, Jaguar I-Type, Porsche 99x, BMW iFE, Mercs EQ, Nio 333, Mahindra M7 and others.
  • Formula R (Roborace, 'Formula R' is our moniker, it's not part of FIA's championship stable) is an autonomous driving competition. Season 2020 is version alpha, season 2021 is version beta, it is not a production race yet though some races are Twitch streamed.

  • The first video shows a US-style, Figure 8 circuit. This could be how autonomous vehicles interleave at a junction versus the use of traffic lights. Traffic lights are not exactly efficient as drivers would have noticed while waiting at a red at an empty junction. This feature is probably still a long way off as current autonomous driving development is mainly vehicle focused, rather than as part of a new generation road transport system.
  • The second and third videos are EU-style rally racing. The cars must do a full circle at the roundabout to proceed. The second video shows rough attempts, the third video, expert navigation. [Don't try this 'at home', to test one's skills, participate in a rally.]