Drone Airports

The Amsterdam Drone Week happens over three days from today (Dec 1-3, 2020), with a focus on U-space (the drone portion of the sky, vid). Topics include (abbreviated titles and speakers list):
  • Governance of The Sky - LFV
  • Unmanned Air Traffic Management - Airbus UTM
  • Amsterdam as a Drone Lab - AmsterdamSmartCity
  • Navigation beyond GPS: EGNOS & GALILEO - Everis
  • Computer Vision: Eyes for Drones - UVA
  • Building The UAM Ecosystem in Europe - Lilium
  • European Network of U-Space Demonstrators - EuroControl
  • Drone Detection: 3D Digital Perimeter Wall - DutchPolice
  • Drone Use Cases: Ports and Airports - AirHub

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