Tandoori Chai

Tandoori Chai
Though diminishing in numbers, select cities have retained a vibrant street food culture. Watch as street vendors in India dish out Momo (steamed dumplings), Omelet (omelette French toast style) and Tandoori Chai (smoky milk tea).

Street Vending
Some locales are considering reviving street food vending as an economic aid and stimulus. Some random thoughts:
  • Different stalls can occupy the same spot for breakie, lunch, dinner
  • Stalls must operate and not left idle during their allocated time slot
  • This helps promote serious vendors and better cuisine
  • Vendors should offer new or better cuisine, not the same old
  • Minimum licensing to confirm stall, operator and location
  • Chairs and tables may be provided by the vendor if space allows
  • Safety standards eg no handling of cooked food with bare hands
  • Bonus if electronic payment is mandated or encouraged
  • Beware of syndicates or middlemen taking over prime spots
  • Opportunity for impromptu street food alleys at idle spaces