Lean Launch

Lean In
Lean In (MY) is hosting a series of talks (19 Nov - 10 Dec, 2020) designed to help women reboot their career, gear up for success and start putting their best foot forward professionally. Sample topics:

JomLaunch (MY), an indie launchpad for experimental and early stage projects, has picked 20 startups for launch at its Nov 23-28, 2020 event. A sample:
  • FlyBots - Drone surveying, inspections and search & rescue
  • OpenHub - Open source startup tracking (co, peeps, raise, events)
  • MoveRobotic - Robot leasing and services
  • NurflixTV - Culturally attuned subscription-based vid streaming
  • KLSE Journal - Cloud-based stock trading platform

ScaleUp (MY) has picked 20 startups for its second cohort. Sample:
  • Fefifo - Start a farm like you would rent an office
  • TanaLink - Farm personnel and assets tracking system
  • VirtualX - Virtual reality property tours vid
  • HireSeniors - Hire experienced old-timers
  • Hatio - Ecommerce dashboard that is like a space launch centre