IoE: Internet of Energy

Asean Super 8
Catch up on IoE at Super 8, (Nov 17-18, 2020) a virtual exhibition and webinars for the built environment (civil, mechanical, electrical engineering) with speakers from TNBXElectrifyAsiaPowerLedger and PetronasNewEnergy.

Internet of Energy
IoE encompasses connected energy devices. Possible use-cases:
  • Prepaid electricity (pay-as-you use, ideal for rental premises)
  • Usage analysis (breakdown for stove, fridge, aircon, gadgets)
  • Reverse tariffs (use your solar and battery systems for side profit)
  • EV charging infrastructure (location, billing, bookings)
  • Budgeting (switch from aircon to fans when budget exceeded)
  • Industrial efficiency (data collection, usage optimisation)
  • Signature analysis (spot power pilferage, crypto-mining etc)

Sample IoE Startups 1 2
  • 2GG - In-house metering of electricity
  • Leap - Earn by reducing usage when the grid is maxed out
  • GridSentry - Detect unusual usage pattern (leak, fire, intrusion)
  • Evolve - Get wholesale electricity (cheaper but prices vary more)
  • Verve - Early detection of malfunctioning devices via signatures
  • 75F - Pandemic fighting IoT that detects and mitigates stale air
  • VirualPeaker - Match demand with variable renewable power