FoodTech Picks

Horizon Ventures
Li Ka-shing was in the news recently for his academic endowments that helped fund the work of two 2020 Nobel prize winners: Jennifer Doudna (Chemistry) and Michael Houghton (Medicine). Li Ka-shing's venture capital arm, Horizon Ventures, known for picking prominent startups such as Zoom, Impossible and Spotify, made some recent investments in FoodTech:

Future Food-Tech
Sample startups from Future Food-Tech Summit happening Dec 2020:
  • ParagonPure - Fresh, natural flavours (vs chemical cocktails)
  • VeganCowboys - Cheese from fungus (vs imbued by the same)
  • Sten - Safe, biogradable food packaging (vs plastics)
  • LiveGreen - Modern ingredients from ancient Ayurveda

FoodBytes! Pitch
Sample startups from Rabbobank's virtual FoodBytes! Pitch competition:
  • Wize - Tea from coffee leaves [best of both beverages?]
  • Willa's - Delicious, smooth, creamy oat milk
  • Wheyward - Velvety, vodka-gin-rum-like spirit from whey
  • Pleese - Bean & potato-based cheese good enough for eateries