EV Summit

EV Summit
EV Summit 2020 (Dec 15-16) brings together key players in energy, e-mobility & charging infrastructure, with a special segment on Women in EV. Speakers:
  • Ribble - Bicycle with hidden electric power (2020 ebike of the year)
  • Energica - Performance electric motorcycle
  • Volta - Mid-sized electric delivery truck
  • GoodEnergy - 18% solar 20% biogen 57% wind 5% hydro mix
  • EnelX - Distributed energy, microgrids, smart city, EV charging
  • OctopusEV - EV leasing for personal and business
  • ChargePoint - Charging stations and network
  • NewMotion - Charging for business, home and on-the-go

EV Roadmap
Boston published its ZEV (zero emissions vehicle) roadmap recently. It serves to guide policy for the transition to e-mobility. Such as (from the roadmap and other sources):
  • Timeline to get to e-mobility (2025, 2030, 2035 etc)
  • Steps needed to facilitate the switch (charging infra etc)
  • Phasing out legacy vehicles (sales or road limits or carbon tax)
  • Replacing revenue from petrol taxes (if there is a need to)
  • Getting the grid ready to handle big jump in power demand
  • Steps to also promote public transport, cycling and walking
  • New vehicle standards (recycling, should EVs be silent etc)
  • Firefighting and safety measures for lithium and hydrogen