Engine Accelerator

Venture capital funding has become the highest-performing asset class for university endowments, with 13.4% in returns , bringing in more than private equity and U.S. equities. MIT's The Engine is an example: it backs long-term, long-shot, tough tech. Sample portfolio:
  • Sync - Use nature (vs brute force computing) to solve problems
  • ISEE - Why can AI beat chess grandmasters but not drive a car?
  • Syzygy - Chemical manufacturing that uses light instead of heat
  • Cambridge - The rise of gallium-nitride over silicon in electronics
  • FormEnergy - Cheaper, longer lasting batteries that use sulphur
  • RiseRobotics - Use electricity (vs hydraulics) in heavy machinery
  • Commonweath - Compact (vs present gigantic) fusion reactor
  • BostonMetal - Agile steel making that uses electricity (vs coke)
  • C2Sense - Give products a unique, non-counterfeit-able smell
  • Quaise - Harvest the thermal energy deep within the earth's crust