Bugzilla At The Gates

Greater KL (KL, Putrajaya, Klang, N9 etc) as of this evening (Tue, 10 Nov 2020) occupies the top 7 spots in new bugzilla cases according to MoH figures. Do consider working from home , ordering delivery or takeaway, or home cooking if you can. Mask-up, sanitize, distance and de-risk according to procedures and on your own initiative, given the no-lockdown norm.

Speaking of work-from-home, there is also now work-from-hotel [1 2] with hotels offering day use of their rooms as 'coworking spaces'. Great for instances where the home is too rowdy for that important Zoom meeting or if you need to focus (but be careful of hotel or any public WiFi security wise and recirculating aircons). Speaking about new found use of spaces, check out The Future of Physical Spaces happening tomorrow (Nov 11) with speakers from BumbleBee, Butlr and UrbanMetry.