Winner Takes It All

[Suggestion: listen to the song first before reading the text.] Joey Niceforo's rendition of The Winner Takes It All captures two distinctive elements: conversation-like singing and a message of temporal circumstance. The first half of the song tells 'the winner takes it all', the second, beyond that.

The video is the signature tune of Joey Nicerforo's self-published album Priceless. Recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios, the production took a ~80 person orchestra and a credited production team of 16. As a rough estimate, the video may have cost some $75K to make: $50K for the branded production and $25K for the 80+ piece orchestra [1 2]. Quite a sum for a self-published YouTube video and perhaps an example of investing in one's career and craft, the art of job creation and striving to do the best that one can.