To The Moon

To The Moon
'To The Moon' is a crypto term for a sustained rise in the price of a crypto-currency. Working to literally get to the moon is the topic of this post.

Lunar Day
NASA is running a challenge (US only, video) to find ways how a lunar station could store and distribute power. Unlike the Earth where a day is 12 hours long (say, 7am to 7pm), a lunar day is 2 weeks in duration. A solar energy system will need to store for 2 weeks and discharge for 2 weeks.

Lunar Station
ESA (European Space Agency) recently concluded a school-level Tinkercad design competition for a lunar station. In addition to long days and nights, such a station will be subjected to blistering day-time temperatures (120° C, above boiling point) and cryogenic nights (-130° C, coldest Siberia is -68° C, coldest Antarctica is -90° C), space vacuum and meteorite strikes. The winning entry from a Czech team proposes a domed station insulated by moon soil with underground facilities.

2021 Lunar Missions info
  • Capstone - Orbiter technology demonstrator US
  • RocketLab - Gravity assist demonstrator US
  • MissionOne - Landers and rovers demonstrator US
  • Spacebit - Lunar caves explorer UK
  • Nova-C - Commercial payload services US
  • Lunar 25 - Explore natural resources RU
  • Artemis 1 - Lunar flyby test US EU
  • Chandrayaan 3 - Second landing attempt IN
  • ALINA - Private lander and rover DE
  • Colmena - Send 9 microrobots MX
  • SLIM - Landing and roving JP 2022
  • KPLO - Orbiter technology demonstrator KR 2022
  • XL-1 - Lunar lander, commercial payloads US 2022