The Triple Bottom Line

Triple Dimension
The world of business presently operates mainly in one dimension: economic. Wouldn't the world be richer and more balanced if it operates in 3 dimensions instead: economic, environmental and social.

'Profit' is great, it counts inputs, outputs and value-add in monetary terms. But it is limited. For example, you have probably seen a whole lot of plastic products and packaging. But have you ever seen a plastic company offering to take back its products to recycle or reuse? Never? That is because there is no environmental dimension to their business. So, profit is made by the present generation of plastic manufactures and cost is is borne by future generations in ocean pollution, microplastics etc.

This is a bit harder to discern. Popularly cited examples are businesses that use their ingenuity to reduce humans to disposable automatons and social media that builds addiction and stickiness by highlighting content that summon the base instincts of humans: fight, flight, sloth etc.

SWIFT Conference
Sibos (SWIFT International Banking Operations Seminar) is a premier online financial services conference organised by SWIFT. Happening today to Thurs (Oct 5-8, 2020). Sample conference topics (only one panellist shown):
  • The Triple Bottom Line - ING
  • The Future of Money - EY Parthenon
  • White Water World ['turbulence'] - RAND
  • Better Banking, Better Lives - BNP Paribas
  • Defining Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) - World Bank
  • Beyond Proof of Concept and Beyond Financing - Deutsche Bank