Printed Meals

Looks like bugzilla is back. You cannot control what society does but businesses and individuals can do their own risk management. For example, for the weekend, consider food delivery or ordering groceries to cook at home. (Sidenote: DE has a bugzilla fighting tip: air your space regularly). No single measure is a 'silver bullet', but each measure (distancing, masking, ventilation etc) adds a percentage to de-risking.

On the topic of home cooking, we have previously highlighted fried rice can be a simple, minimalist dish where less is more. Other dishes where less is more are nasi lemak, rot canai (prata), chapati, sandwiches, fish & chips and soba. On the other hand, among the latest in foodtech is food printing. Artificial and unpalatable? Perhaps not. Imagine pasta or noodles being freshly printed on demand where you can specify the type of flour (standard, egg, wholemeal, rye, buckwheat, semolina, durum etc) and other ingredients like beetroot juice. Another use of food printing is to re-purpose surplus food, to be discussed in an online event titled Printed Meals happening Oct 21st.